5 Benefits Of Having A Kitchenette In Your Office

Mini Kitchen

When designing an office, kitchen facilities are probably not your main consideration. You’ll probably be focussed on making sure you get the layout of the desks right and that the reception area and boardrooms are up to scratch. However, it’s important to consider those less formal spaces too, including the kitchen. Many businesses opt for smaller, more compact kitchenettes rather than full-size kitchens. Read on to discover the benefits of a kitchenette for your office.

Encourage Healthy Eating

Kitchenettes, which can also be referred to as mini kitchens, come with various cooking appliances ranging from hotplates and an oven to a built-in microwave. Providing your staff with cooking facilities just a stone’s throw from their desks encourages them to prepare healthy and nutritious meals and snacks rather than eating junk food to keep them fuelled.

Space Saving

Kitchenettes are very compact, with the smallest of our range measuring just 900mm in length. This makes them ideal for integrating into even the smallest spaces. By choosing a mini kitchen instead of a full-size kitchen, you can free up space for more desks or even a breakout area in which your staff can relax and unwind. You can open up your office, making it seem much more spacious.

Easy To Keep Clean

The kitchen is probably one of the most used parts of your office. In fact, it’s likely to be used by the majority of your workforce several times per day as people make snacks, lunches and hot drinks. As a result, mess can quickly accumulate, with the space becoming dirty and unhygienic if it’s not cleaned regularly. Fortunately, our kitchenettes are very easy to keep clean, with their stainless steel surfaces requiring little more than a wipe-down with a gentle detergent.


Since your office kitchen will be used by many people multiple times per day, it’s vital that it’s durable and hard-wearing. It needs to be constructed to a high standard from quality materials to ensure it stands up to the task. With this in mind, a kitchenette from Elfin is the best option. Built to last from robust stainless steel, you can expect it to stay looking and performing its best for many years to come. Stainless steel is renowned for its incredibly durability, including its ability to resist impact, corrosion and extremely high temperatures of up to 500°C.


Mini kitchens are not only space-saving and incredibly functional but they tend to be very aesthetically pleasing too, capable of adding plenty of style to a room. With a very modern appearance that features clean, smooth lines, they can be relied upon to enhance the look of any office space brilliantly.

To learn more about our great range of mini kitchens for offices, get in touch today. You can reach our team by calling us on 01206 545700 or by sending us a message via our website. We’re on hand to tell you more about our stylish and durable kitchenettes.

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