Efficient Ways To Abolish Construction Waste

Construction Waste

The structural engineering and construction industry is revolutionizing at a rapid rate. With people expecting more than just a building and technology constantly improving the construction methods, constructions are not just bricks and mortar anymore. Through the course of a building project, a construction company has to focus on the designs, meet timelines, ensure quality and durability and deal with the construction debris and waste. Simply dumping the waste in landfills is neither economical nor environment-friendly. With modern and effective means at your disposal, check out these efficient ways of construction waste management and lead the way to the sustainable construction business.

Maximizing reusability

Reducing the amount of construction waste is one of the most efficient ways to improve waste management. Construction companies can reduce waste by using reusable construction materials like metal scaffoldings, re-mountable support beams etc. Repurpose used plasterboards and wood for different applications lower the amount of cost and generated waste. Also, instead of damaging the used material, sell or donate the salvageable products.  

Sorting the waste

Companies can save extensively on the waste costs by managing and organising their waste effectively. Instead of having common waste collection pit, assess the types of waste you would be generating during the project, categorise them and set up coded skip bins to collect the waste. This would help manage the material more reasonably and save significantly on the waste transportation and disposal costs.

Demolition or deconstruction

When it comes to renovating an existing structure, choosing between the two- demolition or deconstruction is a strategic decision. Though demolition makes it easier to get rid of the unwanted structure, it increases the efforts to remove the debris and generates a lot of waste. Deconstruction, however, allows you to salvage the reusable material, retains the structural integrity of the building and streamlines the process.

Choosing the right materials

Today, one can find a lot of available options for construction materials, interior fixtures, prefabricated modules etc. Therefore, in certain situations, the construction waste can be diminished by opting for these options. Also, construction teams should focus on using reusable modular metal structures and sheets in place of single-use lumber framework.

Optimizing inventory management

Most contractors pre-order and stock construction materials and supplies in large quantities. Though, this offers an economic benefit of discounts on bulk orders and strategic advantage for the project timelines. This puts it at risk of damages and surplus ordering – thus more waste. With shrewd planning and inventory management, wastes can be controlled.

Working with waste management professionals

Construction companies can outsource and optimize their waste management activities to third-party professionals. This would not only help draft effective strategies but also improve management protocols and processes. Also, by partnering up with professionals, construction companies can dedicate their efforts on their core deliverables and savings.

The construction materials constitute a considerable amount of hazardous compounds and chemicals which, if not handled correctly, can have concerning effects on the environment. Also, dumping waste in landfills is not equal to sustainable waste management. Therefore, it is essential to use efficient construction practices and eco-friendly methods.

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