Five Reasons To Consider Buying A Park Home


There are over 250,000 Brits who currently live in a park home, and with the opportunity to experience comfortable, modern, and affordable accommodation, it’s not difficult to see why park home living is so popular.

Perhaps you are approaching retirement and looking for somewhere which is more manageable, or perhaps you are wanting to downsize whilst also remaining on the property ladder. No matter what your reason for considering residential park home living is, there certainly are a number of advantages as to why purchasing a park home would be a valuable decision.

So let’s take a look at some of the reasons why choosing to purchase a park home might be the perfect decision for you.

1. Cost

One of the fundamental reasons as to why purchasing a park home could be a great decision is due to the very reason that the cost of park homes tends to be lower than conventional properties.

Whereas traditional homes made from bricks and mortar are more expensive, the park home agreement generally states that one simply owns the building itself, but not the land on which it is situated.

By heading to Sell My Park Home and observing the average price range for park homes, you will quickly see that they are much lower in price and could provide you with a much more financially viable option if you are looking to move from your current property.

Lastly, in terms of cost, as newly built park homes are constructed using sustainable materials, this also means that your energy bills could be much lower, as well as the benefit that you will also be reducing your carbon footprint.

2.Spacious yet manageable

The great prospect about park homes is that although you might be downsizing from your current property, residential park homes still maintain a very spacious but also manageable environment.

Not only does the home itself offer plenty of space, however, the benefit of park home living is that your home may also come with a manageably-sized garden, not to mention the sizeable plots of land that separate the homes meaning that you have even more privacy.

The parks themselves are often located in beautifully scenic and quieter locations meaning that you also have space in and around the park to enjoy as you please.

3.Sense of community spirit

While one of the benefits with park homes is that you can enjoy the peaceful surroundings and live independently, there is a strong sense of community within residential parks meaning that they are very friendly and sociable environments to live within.  

Some residential parks even go as far as to offer activities for their residents, whether this is a shuttle bus service to the local town or a weekend evening entertainment, park homes really do embrace a wonderful emphasis on community spirit.

You can find out more about the social benefits and opportunities to meet new people by heading to this BBC News article in which Morris and Myra Jeffers who decided to move to a park home in East Sussex discuss the advantages of park home living.


Another advantage to park home living is that the parks themselves are considered to be very safe and secure compared to city and suburban living.

Many parks often have security systems in place to help ensure that the parks can only be accessed by those who are living there. For example, key fobs, systems for visitors to sign in and out as well as security cameras all help to ensure that parks remain safe and secure.

Furthermore, the nature of residential park homes means that they are often located in quieter and more secluded areas meaning that residents can experience a more relaxing and peaceful way of life.

5.Low maintenance

When looking to re-locate to a new area and downsize to a property which is more manageable and easy to live in, ideally you might want to move into a home requiring minimal maintenance.

Park homes are fantastic in the sense that they are not only great if you want to move in fairly quickly, as homes can often be purchased fully furnished, however another advantage is that they are generally very low maintenance.

Designed using modern and durable materials, as well as generally only being one storey in height, park homes are purposefully built to allow for ease and comfort of living.

This article discusses just a handful of advantages that residential park home living can offer, however you can find out a number of other reasons as to why you might consider purchasing a park home by taking a look at Sell My Park Home’s infographic here.

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