How Locksmith perfoms and Installation..

The locksmith develops and performs the installation of all interior and exterior closures of wood, metal, aluminum, and PVC (doors, windows, doors, shutters, gates, walls, blinds, fences, garage doors, …) in respecting the safety rules.
Implements and sometimes rule automation closures.
Maintains, repairs and replaces some elements placed and closure system.


The  locksmith performs the cutting elements of joinery closures according to the plan or on-site measurements
The  Locksmith takes care of removing the closure menuisée and controls the status of support (frame, doorway, …)
The installation and locksmith rule joinery elements with wings, brackets, and legs, …
The  locksmith ensures the tightness of the support / frame and performs the installation of adhesive strips, angles, polyurethane foams, gaskets, …
The locksmith ensures the proper functioning of mobile accessories, insulation or sealing of the book
The  locksmith performs installation and glazing wedge on a carrier (Putty, chocks, glazing beads, gaskets neoprene …)
Is responsible for installing or replacing a lock closing and accessories
Does the installation of a shutter, a door shell, …
Electrically connects closure menuisée automated (roller shutters, gates, …)
The  locksmith installs a remote automation and reprograms
The  locksmith records and automates locking system menuisée existing
The  locksmith is the size of a site and set up a manufacturing order closing menuisée
The  locksmith shapes joinery elements “custom” (flaps, doors, blinds, …) on a customer order
The  locksmith assembles and adjusts rods and poles to masonry elements
The  locksmith synchronizes the activity of a team

Skills related to the job locksmith-setter
– Home Automation
– Squareness
– Reading Plan
– Aluminium joinery
– Wood Joinery
– PVC joinery
– Taking plumb and level
– Taking Measurements
– Process seal
– Rules and safety
– Laying techniques closures