Investment Opportunities In Dubai

Investment in Dubai

Nowadays more and more people seek profitable investments. One of the best methods of getting good revenues is an investment in property.

The international property market appeals to a lot of investors with opportunities of getting high revenues. Last few years the UAE property sector generates great interest from potential investors; especially Dubai offers a wide range of investment opportunities. Dubai features a surging economy, a high level of living standards, and developed infrastructure that makes it the most emerging real estate market in the Middle East.

Investment opportunities in Dubai allow an overseas investor to put their capital into:

–          residential real estate sector

–          commercial properties

–          hotel rooms or hotel apartments

Prospects for further development of residential real estate sector in Dubai

One of the main advantages of buying property  in Dubai is steady increase of residential property prices. Most investors purchase houses or apartments in Dubai for reselling them.

According to JLL’s figures, last year Dubai residential property prices surge by 22 per cent. It proves that investing in apartments or villas investors can receive solid profit in a couple of years.

The market analysts predicts that despite the prices growth rates are slowing down in the first half of this year the market returns its activity in future, as a result property prices increase.

Commercial properties in Dubai brings good revenues

Commercial property investment has also high yields. In the lead-up of Expo 2020 Dubai  sees a great demand for office spaces because a lot of international companies are looking to open new branches in Dubai, the business center in the Middle East.

Private investors consider that commercial property investment is a very profitable deal because last year commercial rental rates increased by almost fifty per cent. Knight Frank, Britain consultant, forecasts 20 per cent increase of rental rates in Dubai office sector.

Dubai hotel industry performs well

Dubai attracts tourists from all over the world, so the hotel industry performs very well and this trend will continue in future.

The influx of holidaymakers and business tourists increases annually. The hotel occupancy rate remains high – 80-90 per cent. It ensures investor to buy hotel rooms and return good profit from investing in hotels.

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