What Makes Real Estate Investment Important?

Real Estate

With every passing year, there has been an upsurge in the realty sector. The following article throws light on why real estate investment has become important. Read on…

With an increase in the returns obtained from real estate, investment in the realty sector has become one of the top lucrative options. Investing in property is a preferred way to enhance your wealth. With a better understanding of conservative financing and tax implications, there are numerous reasons why one should invest in property.

When considering the middle classes, real estate becomes a more convenient, reliable, and long-term option than bonds, securities and stocks. You must have always heard from your parents about the need and importance of having your own house or property. This thought is right and supported by the various advantages offered by realty investment.


Here we discuss the key reasons as to why one should invest in realty sector:

  • Low on Volatility

The realty sector has become an ideal investment option as the volatility factor in it is low. It means that real estate offers a consistent return over a long duration of time. When compared to other investment options such as stock market, debt and equity, buying property is a lucrative and more volatile option. Moreover, realty transactions are not done on frequent basis, hence it involves less fluctuation.

  • Portfolio Diversification

Another important reason that makes property investment a lucrative decision is its portfolio diversification. With other asset classes, property investment has low or negative correlation. It means that with the addition of real estate, it creates lower portfolio volatility and higher returns per unit of risk.

  • Stable Future Income Return

One of the attractive features of property investment is that it offers stable and continuous returns if you are giving your house on rent. With an increase in the value of the property, it becomes an attractive option to earn more returns on your realty investment.

  • Tangible Property Value

Unlike shares and stocks, buying property offers high tangible value. This factor helps to reduce the common agent-principal conflict and serves as a lucrative option in the hands of the property owner.

  • Tax-Free Benefit

Buying property offers tax exemption benefits. Reduction in the tax liability makes many people invest in home purchase as it serves the dual purpose of (1) having your own house, and (2) enjoy tax benefits. When you take home loan, it offers tax benefits to the home buyer.

  • Good on Inflation

Real estate is one such sector that witnesses an increase in the valuation year after year. With time, this investment option offers bonus on the value for which the property was bought. When you plan to sell it off in the future, you can definitely expect huge profit.

  • Acts as Retirement Plan

When it comes to planning for future earnings, buying a house can ensure a constant income from rentals. Acting as a retirement income, property investment is a long-run earning option.

When you spend your hard earned money in real estate, you get physical property or land. It is definitely a huge investment option, but the returns generated in the future are much higher.

Thus, the above mentioned benefits collectively offer higher returns and better safety than typical investment option like stocks. So, it is the time to think beyond the limited options and choose the one that ensures the best advantage, which is real estate investment!

Swati Srivastava is an experienced writer, who is passionate about writing for different real estate, education and career websites. Her real estate articles focus on providing property investment tips, home decoration ideas, and knowledge of market trends. 

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