Do You Need a New Boiler?


For many people, their boiler is a mystery that they don’t really engage with very often. The boiler typically sits in the basement doing its duty without any real interaction from you. In a perfect scenario, you don’t have to do much to keep your boiler functioning very effectively; as long as your boiler is working well, then you don’t really need to think about it. It’s much like running a system without any kind of emergency procedures; as long as no emergency pops up, you don’t need emergency protocols. Your boiler, however, burns a dangerous gas at a very high temperature. A boiler that is not functioning at its highest level very quickly becomes a danger to yourself and others.


Boilers burn natural gas at a very high temperature which makes a faulty boiler a fire hazard in your home. Moreover, a malfunctioning boiler might leak combustion by-products into your house; carbon monoxide is one of the most common and most dangerous by-products. Carbon monoxide is odorless and flavorless, which means that you won’t even know if you are being exposed to it.

Boiler Inspections

For a rental property, it is the law that you have to have your boilers inspected every twelve months by a licensed professional. You can find that kind of expert at If you are not renting, you don’t technically have to have your boiler inspected by professionals; however, it’s a good idea to follow the rental suggestion of being inspected every twelve months. That inspection will also help you determine if you need to have your boiler repaired or replaced.

Boiler Inefficiencies

After about fifteen years, the average boiler functions at near 60% efficiency. Years of use, even if you use it properly, tends to decrease the efficiency of your boiler. If you have a boiler that is fifteen or more years old, you could be wasting 40% of your money on a boiler that is inefficient and essentially throwing money out the window. Saving money is one of the biggest reasons that people tend to service or replace their boilers; a boiler that is working at a high level is a boiler that wastes less of your money.

If you decide to replace your boiler in order to address the inefficiencies, you should definitely think about choosing solar power. Many modern boilers have double coil capabilities that allow you to heat water by burning the traditional gas, but also allow you to heat water using solar energy. After the initial cost of installing solar energy capability, you can heat your water for free, saving you a significant amount of energy each month. Furthermore, if you don’t necessarily want to install solar power right away, you should at least prepare for it. When you call professionals to install your boiler, you should have them install a double coil system. The two coils will allow you to convert to solar energy whenever you’re ready.

A well-functioning and well-maintained boiler is a safer and more efficient system that will save you time and money.

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