Why Purchasing Rubbish Chutes Is A Good Idea


If you are in the construction business and are involved with scaffolding erection, there are a number of reasons why you should consider purchasing rubbish chutes.


First and foremost is safety. Having purchased rubbish chutes, you will have shown yourself to be a safety conscious employer or contractor, with concern for not only those you employ, but also members of the general public who may have to pass the construction site in the their day to day business. Rubbish chutes are very safe to use, and will guide any rubbish that needs to be removed from a height down to the relevant area, such as a skip.

Having a rubbish chute is also going to increase productivity on the site, on quite a large scale. With the rubbish able to “flow” down from above where the project is ongoing, there is no need for a labourer to gather and then transport the rubbish and debris down ladders to the skip below. You will find a great saving in man hours upon purchase and implementation of a rubbish chute.

Another reason why having rubbish chutes in place is ease of sorting through items. What is meant by this is there will be no need to sort through the skips to separate out recyclable materials from rubbish & debris. For example, you could have 2 chutes deployed; one specifically for materials intended for recycling, and another for landfill items such as general debris and rubbish. This, again, will help increase on site productivity while saving man hours.

Having made the decision to deploy a rubbish chute system on site, what are the components you will need to purchase to ensure the system is in place correctly? There are 3 main parts to the rubbish chute system. First of all, there is a specific frame required to attach the first section of the chute to your scaffolding rig. This is usually a “Y” support frame, with reinforced side panels. You will also need a “top hopper” & a “standard” set of rubbish chutes. The “top hopper” is the very first section of chute, which goes to the top of the scaffolding rig, and is where the rubbish and other materials is deposited. This section then attaches to the “standard” chute section. You may need many “standard” sections to reach the skip at the bottom, depending on the height of the scaffolding and the size of the chutes you have purchased. The chutes themselves come in a range of sizes, from 20” to 30”, and can also be got in a range of different colours, which would be of assistance if you wish to have separate chutes for different materials.

The chutes, by their very shape, are very easily stored, as they can be stacked together for storage purposes. They are also very hard wearing, so you can be assured of the best value for money.
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