Exterior Design Ideas For Commercial Buildings

Commercial Buildings

Commercial structures and buildings are usually made with an exterior design that speaks professionalism as well as permanence. When you design a commercial building, you want it to be efficient, functional, and sustainable. The exterior design must reflect this theme outside too. Several commercial building exterior design ideas are suitable, and you have to choose the right one among them. If there are any pre-existing structures, then professionals demolition services London can help you eradicate that. They are trained and have the right tools to complete the task.

Here are some materials that you can use to design the exterior of your building.

Stucco- A cement-based plaster, stucco usually consists of Portland cement, sand, and water. Stucco is a dense and hard-wearing material generally used as a protective sheath for ceilings and walls. It can be tinted to any shade that one wants and gives a sculptural and artistic texture to the building, improving its visual appeal. Construction materials like concrete, cinder block, metal are less appealing visually, so stucco is used to cover up those. 

Brick Veneer- Brick veneer is a method where steel, wooden or concrete masonry frame is concealed within a layer of bricks, which acts as the exterior layer. A brick exterior achieves a sense of stability and sturdiness. It often gives the visuals of a double brick wall, but the brick does not hold up the construction of the property, and if removed, it would not affect the property’s build.

Synthetic stone or brick- Facades of artificial stone or brick give the exterior of the building an appearance that looks like brick or stone but uses more durable materials. They are resistant to cracks, flame, and water. As a result, these facades have a much lower maintenance hassle than natural materials.

Fibre Cement Cladding- This is a building material used to cover the exterior of a building. The fiber cement cladding can be used in commercial and domestic buildings due to it having a domestic but sleek and classic design. Fibre Cement Cladding generally consists of horizontal boards overlapping each other and mimics the look of a wooden siding. 

So before venturing out to make good commercial building designs, you might want to consider:

  • The functionality of the building
  • Its cost-effectiveness
  • Employee-friendly interiors to enhance work productivity
  • The entrances of the buildings must be designed so that it is safe from any outside disturbance or danger.

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