How to Create Distinct Areas of Your Garden


When you buy a new house, you will often find that the garden space is pretty nondescript. It is a common sight to see a garden that involves little more than a bumpy patch of lawn, and maybe a shed if you are lucky. Yet this is hardly the back garden of dreams, and you’ll surely want to have something a bit more spectacular than that. That is why it will be your job in the weeks and months ahead to do some integral changes to your outdoor space.

One of the best ways to achieve a great looking garden is to separate it into distinct areas. There will be a lawn, a patio, flower beds, and even a nice shady section at the back. So if you want to impress your family and friends with your new house and garden, here are a few things you could keep in mind:

Use borders

There is a very easy way to create distinct areas of your garden, and this is by using physical barriers. There are many forms that you could use, but if you are in the DIY superstore you could look for wooden border edging. These items generally come in rolls, making it easier for you to insert into the ground; it’ll save you from having to get out a nail and hammer for each section! Some people prefer to use large stones, but this can be more expensive unless you have a ready supply of them at your disposal. You can also think about using overhead borders such as archways and trellises, which also look very pretty.

Create paths

Give your garden the gift of fluidity by laying pathways. This works really well in large gardens, but can also be done on a smaller scale when space is an issue. Pathways might meet at the middle at an interesting feature, such as a water fountain, but they might also run freely taking people from one area to the next. Why don’t you light the main path with lanterns or solar powered bulbs? This can look really impressive in the evening.

Lay a patio

If your garden doesn’t already have a patio or deck, this could be something you want to change. These areas can be wonderful for relaxing during the summer days and nights, and are perfect when you are hosting a party or barbecue. Have a look on the Easypave website as there are a lot of ideas you could use, especially in terms of a colour theme. Once you have sorted out your patio or deck, you can then turn your attention to the furniture you want to use.

Use furniture

There is a huge range of garden furniture available on the market, and you can use certain items on your deck, and others dotted elsewhere in the garden. For example, you might want a set of table and chairs (with umbrella) for your patio, but you might like a wooden bench nestled near to your flower beds. It is all about how your garden will work for you, so get creative with your ideas and create something really special.

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  1. When creating distinct areas in your garden, it is important to consider the different functions that each area will serve. For example, you may want one area to be a seating area where you can relax and entertain guests, while another area may be dedicated to growing vegetables. Once you have determined the purpose of each area, you can begin to think about how to divide the space using features such as paths, fences, or hedges.

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