How to Turn Your Modern Home into a World of Traditional Touches

Many people do not have control over whether they live in a modern or traditional home. In this day and age, housing is scarce and sometimes you have to live wherever the property is available, especially if you need to be in a particular area of the country. This means that many people live in modern homes when they would much rather be living in a traditional house or a quaint little cottage.

There are ways around this, however. It is possible to add traditional touches to your home to give it more of an old-fashioned feel. If you do the job right, you might even forget that you’re living in a modern home.


The way that you furnish your home can make a great difference as to whether it ends up looking modern or traditional. If you want a grand and stately look, then dark wood furniture is ideal. If you can afford it, go for genuine antiques. Dark wood furniture has fallen out of favour with a lot of people, which means that you might be able to grab yourself a bargain. Do not despair if you are not a fan of dark wood, as painted wooden furniture can give you a traditional look too. It is, however, more in line with the cottage look or shabby chic style.


Home accessories and soft furnishings can also give you some amazing traditional touches. In the kitchen, decorate with old earthenware pots. You can even use them for storing ingredients, so you can utilise any space they are taking up. Another traditional type of accessory for the kitchen that can be put on display are your pots and pans. Just make sure that they are heavy, copper-bottomed pans rather than just any old supermarket-bought saucepans. Decorating with shabby chic looking home accessories is another way to give your home that traditional feel. These kinds of accessories include painted or decoupaged boxes and simple wicker chests or baskets, painted in light shades.

Other Touches

Small touches can make a really big difference, so don’t forget about the little things. Drape a patchwork quilt or an interesting woollen blanket over the backs of sofas and chairs. If you have a modern kitchen, paint the cabinets cream, pale blue or light green for a traditional cottage-style look. Replace the handles on the kitchen cupboards and drawers with chunky brass fixtures. Instead of the same old plywood wall shelving, try to replace these with vintage painted metal shelves. Make sure your walls are painted in neutral colours. That doesn’t have to mean just white and cream; light mint green, pale olive, the lightest shades of blue, pale yellow and other such combinations should suffice.

These are just a few of the ways in which you can add traditional touches to your modern home. Really, you are only limited by your imagination. Interior décor can be a very personal thing and what one person loves, another might hate. So, go with whatever makes you feel the happiest. It is your home, after all.

Janet Lay is a seasoned homes and interiors writer. She has written articles for many blogs, websites and print publications. Lay is a huge fan of shabby chic looking home accessories.


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