Important Materials That Builders Can’t Go Without


If you are working in the construction industry you will undoubtedly come across a range of construction materials that are absolutely indispensable to the builder. This piece discusses the importance of modern construction materials and the need to bear new material developments in mind whilst working in the construction industry.



Over the last century concrete has arguably become the most important building material. In the UK, billions of tons of concrete are produced each year and it is the building material which is responsible for vast quantities of the nation’s infrastructure. However with the current focus on sustainable development and construction, there have been significant efforts made to reduce the impact of concrete in terms of global carbon emissions.

According to the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, “manufacturing a cubic yard of concrete (about 3900 lbs) is responsible for emitting about 400 lbs of CO2.” Modern cement composites can now be engineered to have extremely high strength and durability, can last for indefinite durations of time and can be manufactured to provide varying aesthetics, often taking on the appearance of natural stone.

Smart concrete is also being developed which is a composite concrete material which is able to change its properties in response to changing external conditions. Modern concrete materials are built to be longer lasting and can often incorporate renewable or recycled materials such as glass or crushed concrete into their infrastructure. When using concrete as a building material it is important to consider its durability and recyclability, so that we are reducing the total amount of global concrete production.

Bricks and Stone

Bricks and stone remain important building materials largely because of their aesthetic and long lasting properties. It is important for any builder to have a wide knowledge of the types of brick and stone available to a builder and their relative prices. Ideally bricks, tiles and stones can provide a reusable material within a building process. However, in reality, bricks often tend to be broken in the deconstruction or construction process. There is now a greater focus on delicate construction and deconstruction allowing such building materials to be reused.


Scaffolding is a builder’s best friend and is essential in any construction process. Over recent years the scrappage value of steel and other metals has risen dramatically, so there has also been a focus on building light weight scaffolding materials from aluminium and other alloys. Furthermore builders must take care not to leave loose scaffolding unattended as it has become an increasingly popular target for thieves.

There is a wide range of products available and with the focus on aesthetically pleasing construction it has become increasingly popular to use powder coated scaffolding which comes in a range of colours as well as large sheeting which covers scaffolding and the rest of the construction process.

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