A Leading Name & Business Leader In Commercial Construction

Commercial Construction

When it comes to commercial real estate and construction, the arena is very extensive and complicated. The job of creating healthcare, commercial, government, and educational establishments does involve top-quality organizational skills and planning. This is why trusted professional companies like United Builders Services Inc. are sought after for their experience and skills. These companies are the backbone that provides the much-needed insight and support when it comes to the successful completion of such commercial construction projects in the area. Leading Name & Business Leader In Commercial Construction

Meet the man behind the success of The United Builders Services Inc.

Lloyd Claycomb II is the founder, CEO and Chairman of the United Builders Services Inc. He is a man of extreme integrity and skills. He says that when it comes to construction projects and their timelines, there are many small details that should be looked into. He states that he is very lucky to have some of the best engineers and names in the field of commercial construction. They give him the reason to be proud of the fact that his company is the first choice among eminent clients and companies today. He says that when it comes to the real estate industry in the USA and the world, there are so many changes that are taking place. This is why he ensures that his team are trained with the latest technology and market trends so that projects are completed in time and within their respective budgets.

Communication and relationship building

In the commercial estate arena, he says that it is very important for him and his team to build and maintain positive relationships with his clients and vendors. At the same time, the company should also maintain good relationships with banking and other financial establishments. The communication process should be open, clear and transparent. This allows the work to be done without hassles and delays. In the field of commercial construction small changes and details have to be tracked and they should be communicated to the client at all hours. No matter how small the change or the alteration is , the client should never be left in the dark at all he says.

Project management – skills needed for success

Project management and planning are two essential skills that his team has. They are dedicated to every project and are passionate about their work. This is why they are the first choice among eminent clients and companies in the USA today. The company has impressive and proven track records in the nation. The employees are trained and certified in all areas of real estate and commercial construction.

Lloyd Claycomb II is an inspiring role model and mentor to his peers and employees. Thanks to his unique business leadership skills his company has its presence in 12 states of the USA. He has plans for further expansion in the future so that quality projects and constructions are seen across the USA with success.

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