New Build Horror Stories

Horror Stories

When it comes to buying a new build property, it’s easy to feel excited. The opportunity to buy a home that is freshly built, never lived in before, is unique. It’s something that many home buyers simply won’t get to enjoy. However, if you find yourself in this position, you might find it quite tough to pick the home that you want. With many new build properties giving you the help that you need to enjoy a totally unique home buying experience, it can be tough to know where you might wish to begin. The other problem, of course, is being put off by new build horror stories.

For anyone who wants to buy a home, hearing the numerous stories and fears about buying a new build can be off-putting. You hear about people who have bought a ‘stunning’ new build, only to find major structural flaws. From the foundations not matching up to problems with the roof, you can find all manner of new build horror stories to scare yourself with. Sadly, you don’t even need to look too far to find horrifying examples of what *could* go wrong when buying a new build.

Avoiding your own new build horror stories

The first thing that you should do is make sure you are 100% happy with your choice. Make sure that you take the time to evaluate everything about the home. Remember, it’s not just a home you are buying: it’s a location. Are you happy with the layout of the street? Of the people who live where you are moving to?

Do you like the layout of the local town/city? Are you happy with the amenities and features that you can pick from?

Even a single doubt is worth keeping an eye on. It’s extremely easy to jump in with both feet, only to find yourself unhappy with the final decision. Instead of doing that, we recommend that you fully evaluate the property. The best way to evaluate it safely and without any mistake is to use a snagging report.

What is a snagging report? How can it help me avoid a home build horror story?

Home snagging reports are used to help evaluate every last square inch of the property. From the safety of the walls to the quality of the electrics, everything is evaluated. As a non-expert in home building, you are liable to miss key parts of the construction that, actually, aren’t in the best shape.

If you are dealing with this problem, then you should absolutely look to take on a snagging report. This will help you to make sure that the things which look fine today, but could be a mess tomorrow, can be easily located and solved.

You don’t need to become one of the many new build horror stories. With a bit of forward planning and preparation, you can quickly avoid these issues. Don’t just take the house at first glance: investigate with the use of a snagging survey. Done right, this can help you to avoid becoming the latest person to have a horror show with a new built home.

Foundational and structural issues are often easily masked. With our help, though, you can make sure that you aren’t one to be fooled.

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