Sandvik Surface Drill Rigs – A Perfect Match For Mining

Mining industry

Like the five fingers of your hand, surface drill rigs of different companies connote different things. You should know here that the Sandvik surface drill rigs have carved a name for themselves in the mining industry. The company Sandvik has a range of specialized tools, equipment, and services befitting the needs of the mining as a whole. For instance, you can buy tools and equipment for rock cutting, crushing, and surface drilling from Sandvik.

Sandvik surface drill rigs

Key features of Sandvik surface drill rigs:

  • Design: Design of engineering products are crucial for their performance and longevity. You will be happy to know that engineers at Sandvik surface drill rigs are some of the best brains in the mining industry and thus, they have successfully evolved over the years designing Sandvik machines that best suit the performance and the geography. In the process, when you buy surface drill rigs from Sandvik, you actually get the best value for your money.  
  • Automation: Automation in the mining industry has become the order of the day after the worldwide mining revolution. To stay increasingly competitive in your niche market or in the markets around the world, your mining endeavor must be equipped with the state-of-the-art machines so that the quality and quantity of the output do not suffer. To our findings, mining automation from Sandvik especially in case of repetitive jobs such as excavations and others offers the best solution befitting the long-term objective of staying competitive by reducing expenses like overheads and maximizing the output.
  • Safety: Safety of your workers is a priority. They are the assets of your organization. On the other side, complying with the safety standards during mining, your organization becomes a law-abiding entity thereby enhances the positive work ambience while your brand value soars continuously. You will be glad to know that Sandvik range of tools and surface drill rigs maintains the highest order of safety and thus, helps you achieve your coveted organizational goal.   
  • Multiple products: Based on the mining stage and condition, your organization may need different types of tools and machines for surface drilling. Sandvik has a portfolio of products that befits into your exact requirement here. For instance, products like the high mobility DTH drills, blast-hole drills – DTH, top hammer drills, blast-hole drills – rotary, and high pressure DTH drills are there from the table of Sandvik that flawlessly perform tasks according to their specifications.  
  • Genuine parts: When you purchase a machine or a tool from Sandvik, be sure that you will always find the genuine parts from the company in your market with a technical assistance if needed. This, indeed, is a great help in the case of a machine/tool failure affecting the output at the mines.   
  • Undisputed leadership: The Company Sandvik enjoys an undisputed leadership in terms of technological superiority and the longevity of the machines and tools for mining.

To learn more about the company Sandvik and its products for surface drilling and others, check the website of the company. Alternatively, call the customer service or post a query online.  

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