Need A Heavy Lift? A Heavy-Duty Crane May Be The Answer

Heavy-Duty Crane

Construction can be a dangerous and long-term, heavy-duty undertaking. Sometimes construction workers may not fill every need. If you are faced with a heavy workload that is either impossible or unsafe for normal workers to undertake on their own, hiring a crane is your best available option.

Heavy-Duty Crane

Types of Cranes

Cranes have been a mainstay in long-term construction projects worldwide. Known for their towering height, versatility, and flexibility, cranes can reach the unreachable, allowing you to not only complete projects faster but more efficiently as well.

Cranes usually come in two iterations: mobile cranes and tower cranes. Mobile cranes usually operate on the back of trucks that are equipped with continuous tire tracks, allowing for seamless movement from areas on the worksite. Their quickly usable boom (the lifting part of a crane) gives them the distinct ability to transport heavy cargo without setup or extensive assembly, making them extremely useful.

Tower cranes, perhaps the more iconic of the two, rise hundreds of meters into the air at a construction site, allowing workers to lift heavier materials such as steel and other assorted detritus that can’t be as easily removed using a mobile crane.

Tower cranes can lift to 300 tonne-meters, depending on the position of its arm. As the load is moved further out from the cab, the weight limit decreases and limits the lift due to relative positioning. Rising over 80 meters with a 70-meter reach, these cranes are heavily anchored on a concrete pad with bolts to assure that they will stay upright, no matter the load. If you research a crane hire in Perth, you can find both valuable options at your disposal, ensuring that you will get the best-quality crane for your specific project.

Safety and Risks

With the gigantic nature of this machinery, safety precautions are paramount. The last thing you need is for you, your workers, or bystanders getting hurt because of a malfunction or oversight. Following strict OHSE&Q guidelines, these experts can give you comfort and a safety guarantee when hiring and renting a crane. The work site is inspected thoroughly to make sure that there will be no potential risks that could lead to damage and death.

While transporting materials, a boom may encounter power lines, resulting in an unnecessary accident. Nearly 50% of accidents come from direct contact between machinery and an open power source. This can cause catastrophic damage and even result in death and injuries to your workforce.

The biggest safety risk is overloading the crane itself by overestimating the limit that it can lift. By overloading, the operator is pushing the crane past its limit, thus putting the entire area in danger. This is largely due to human error; however, you can take heart knowing that specialists are trained extensively and wouldn’t allow someone with inadequate experience to even operate a crane.

Falling materials from the crane also pose a significant risk. This can be remedied by the regular, meticulous maintenance that these teams of crane operators regularly take part in. Equipped with proper safety equipment, a strict adherence to the safety regulations, and general knowledge, there is no better company to rent and buy cranes from.

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