Here’s Why You Should Not Neglect Even The Smallest Of Leaks

Smallest Leaks

It’s common to tolerate plumbing problems for months, maybe even years. Some problems may seem minor, a slightly leaky tap can easily be shrugged off. People put off issues due to wanting to save money, but this method is rarely the better course of action.

A minor issue can become major if left for long enough, leaks and water damage can be devastating to property and even more devastating to your finances. Emergency services such as plumbing can cost over twice as much as opting for regular maintenance work, depending on the company or tradesperson you use.

As they say, prevention is better than the cure, and this applies to plumbing too. Here are some problems that you shouldn’t neglect for too long and why you should address them ASAP. So get Google searching for a plumber near me and save yourself some money.

Dripping Taps

While this may sound like the most easily tolerated problem (unless the sound of the dripping really irritates you) it could actually lead to a number of complications.

Fixing a dripping tap could save water, in fact, if you tolerated a dripping tap for a year, you could have wasted thousands of liters of water -up to 5,500 liters in fact. That’s enough for filling a paddling pool once every week in the Summer, and costs around £18 if you’re on a meter.

As well as water wastage, a dripping tap can open yourself up to a frozen pipe and drain problem in the winter if it’s not addressed. Frozen pipes can block or weaken your water supply, and in the worst-case scenario, a frozen pipe blockage can lead to a burst pipe and a large leak.

A burst pipe may not be obvious straight away. If your water supply seems weak or your water bill is unusually high, then a pipe may have burst somewhere. So it might be time to call a plumber to look into it.

Prevention Methods That You Can Do

It is said that keeping one tap dripping can actually prevent frozen pipes but this is just a myth. You can however keep pipes from freezing by making sure no taps or hoses are left unused for a long time. So run these taps regularly just for a little while as it’s hard for water to freeze if it’s kept in strong-motion periodically. You can also consider insulating the pipes with easy to fit material available at most DIY stores.

So what causes dripping taps? It most commonly happens when parts like washers and seals start to get old, coming loose and wearing down. Washers are constantly subject to water pressure, which wears them out after a while. You can always try fixing and replacing these parts yourself, but if in doubt, calling a plumber could save you a future headache when worse problems happen down the line.

Water Damage And What Plumbing Problems Could Lead To

A small leak not fixed over time can slowly wear down parts of your property, like wood, flooring, and the ceiling. Not only that but the leak itself could eventually become worse, leading to flooding.

With more water, damp or moisture encouraged by a plumbing problem, your home could be susceptible to various problems:


An already damp environment combined with humidity or heating going on and off in Winter, can create condensation and then mould when the temperature cools down. Mould can affect the health of those with certain health problems like respiratory issues.

A Pest Infestation

You may encounter Silverfish – these tiny bugs love damp, dark, humid areas. Plumbing issues and the dampness that follows can encourage them to appear in your property. They can be found peeking out of drains, scuttling along with bathroom tiles, and even feasting on cereals, oats, and pasta.

Know When To Call An Emergency Plumber

Whilst the best advice is to tackle problems like these early, this is not always possible. Problems aren’t always noticed right away or able to be dealt with as quickly as we’d all like, especially if money is tight. In addition, unexpected accidents can happen.

Use the knowledge above to inspire an improvement in your plumbing maintenance, but always remember, there are good emergency plumbers out there too when you really need them. So don’t suffer from leaks and water damage for long, find a good company or tradesperson with reasonable rates.

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  1. It is important to prioritize even the tiniest of plumbing issues, as they could lead to larger, more expensive problems later. For instance, a leaky faucet will eventually lead to water damage in your home if left unattended. The sooner you handle the issue, the less it will cost you. Your first step should be to call a technician immediately because it is likely that he will let you handle the repair costs rather than charge anything for his visit.

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