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Every family dreams of owning their own home. A family home means different things to different people. Home can be a ranch home on a large suburban lot, a condominium, a villa, or an estate home that sits on several acres of land. Family Homes for Sale Ames vary in price, size, and amenities. The home a family chooses depends on their taste and financial ability to buy a particular home. Before you buy, consider the type of home you would like to buy, its location, and the neighborhood amenities, because there is more to a home than an attractive exterior.

Ranch, Contemporary, or Condo

You will have choices when you begin your search for Family Homes for Sale Ames. Deciding what you want and do not want before you call a Realtor® or begin a search on your own will save time and disappointment. Of course, unless you build your own home from the ground up, making compromises for a new home will be necessary. No matter the type of home you wish to own, some things can be nailed down that are requirements of any home such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you require and the neighborhood you would like to live in .

Location Matters

Where you live can determine your commute time, where your children go to school and how close you are to entertainment that you enjoy. Less than 30 miles north of Des Moines, Ames offers a more serene life style for family living with its population of a little over 60,000 residents. Voted one of the best places to live in the country, in 2010, by CNN Money buying a home here is affordable and offers a lot for your family

Single Family Home Prices

Single family homes can be found for less than $100,000 for a two bedroom, two2 bath styles and rise to a hefty over $1 million, for a five bedroom, four bath home estate home on over three acres. With pricing this broad, there are many homes to choose from that will suit the needs of your family, in size and price.

It is a Good Time to Buy

With interest rates remaining low, it is still a good time to buy and there are many affordable properties for sale in this centrally located Iowa City. This makes it a good time to buy and get your family in a home that is more spacious with the features you want.

Great School Scores

You want your children to go to the best schools, do you not? Schools in Ames receive a rating of eight from Great, which means that you will be sending your children to some of the best schools in the country. Along with this, Ames is also home to Iowa State University of Science and Technology, the nation’s first land-grant university and gives your children local opportunities for high school and college educations.

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