Liguria Real Estates: Who Buys And Why?


The kind of buyers who enters the Italian real estate market may be divided into numerous categories and hence knowing this approximate breakdown usually has its advantages. Figuring out the category that you will fit yourself in assists you in the buying process which in return assists you to choose the kind of property that is right for you. Also, it will assist you to determine who the ultimate buyer of the Italian property investment could be.

The following are the buyers of Liguria Real Estates and the reasons why they buy them;

Holiday Homebuyers

Most of people usually decide to buy properties in Italy based on a fact that they have actually fallen in love with this state and also a particular region such as Liguria after several holidays there. What is purchased as a holiday home, and maybe used only for some weeks or a year, can be considered just for letting to offset the purchase cost, the ongoing maintenance and also as a method of using the investment both for capital appreciation and as income generator.

Generally, it always pays off for you to think ahead and also make your purchase from a medium to long –term investment. It’s essential to try as well as anticipate dissimilar eventualities down the line. The main thing here is that, what may start off like a holiday home can later be needed like a retirement home, also a permanent family home or else a rental income generator.

Pure Investors

One of the ways for the investors in this particular category to leverage their investment is simply to invest for the capital appreciation. The other way is actually through renting out a property for income generation. The key feature for anyone falling under pure investment category should carefully consider who their prospective buyers are and then to care for their needs. In case your purchase leads to renovation work, then you need to study what is both prevalent as well as traditional in the area and then copy that.

Relocating to Italy

The above buyer intends to relocate to Italy and hence will be looking for a property which is large enough in order to become a family home as well as one which is convenient for shopping, schools and also medical facilities. It’s worth noting that, even though it’s not obvious to the informal observer, Italy is becoming a multi –ethnic and also multi –national country which has experienced quite a large influx of the foreigners in recent years.

Seeking homes for the retirement

EU has actually made it possible for the retired people to retain most of the state benefits not considering where they live in the interior the European community. It has therefore made retiring to a bit warmer climate, an exciting as well as realistic possibility for most of the people. Anyone who is moving from UK to Italy retains the right to a UK state pension.

In general, any taxation planning as well as property investment that is based on tax efficiency must only be undertaken after you seek personalized, expert advice. The above are some of the buyers of Liguria Real Estates.

About the Author:

Ercole Moscatelli is an online marketing associate of La Casa Liguria – a company that provides innovative marketing solutions and promotion of real estatesin Liguria. La Casa Liguria also develops properties and performs the classical intermediation of properties with emphasis on special properties like romantic olive mills, restored townhouses in medieval villages and country houses with mountain or sea views.

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